Victoria’s Secret can help you explain why internal communication is important

This week, Victoria’s Secret has made headlines after a client broadcast live on Facebook how she was racially profiled and kicked out of the store in Alabama, US. The company has issued an apology and the store employee is not working for the company anymore.


This episode is a go-to case of why internal communication is important. Surprisingly, in many respects, this has been a neglected area of the communication spectrum and many in the profession – both clients and consultants – need to sweat to persuade decision-makers (and budget managers) that organisational culture and values are not buzzwords. The effects of internal communication are usually more difficult to measure than the ones from external communications, which doesn’t really help this area climb the list of priorities.

The boundaries between internal and external stakeholders are becoming more and more blurred and clients and (former) employees can now manage an own channel to tell his/her brand experience in the first person.

This new reality means that – more than ever – employee communication and working with corporate culture are not meaningless tasks on a to do-list. They are the ground on which a brand is built.

Sergio Guimaraes – Speaking of PR