Content marketing: four reasons why explainers are popular

‘Explainers’ are becoming increasingly popular – and you don’t need to be in the outlook for new trends to have noticed it.

Some of it is in written – and in an editorial fashion – offering the reader a chance to take two steps back and understand current affairs whose twists and turns have made it difficult for you to keep up. This is basically a way of trying to keep readership engaged and helping the current topic popular in coverage ahead.

On the content marketing side, ‘how-to’ videos seasoned with wit and appealing visuals get, in general, a lot of traction on social media. Here are four reasons why:

1 – Video is strong (and will become stronger)

According to a forecast by Cisco, 79 percent of global online traffic will be video by 2018. Some of the causes behind this is an increase in the global access to internet, better telecom infrastructure and good SEO and social media results.

2 – Explainers make you keep it together and tight

The script of these videos is typically linear and, with an ideal length of 90 seconds, forces you to polish a good pitch. Infographics help a great deal here. The message becomes sharper and more focused.

3 – It’s a crystal-clear contract with your audience.

“Give me 90 seconds and I’ll show you how/why”. The tone may be light – and yes, we are trying to sell you something – but the content is informative. People understand that they will learn something without investing much time or effort.

4 – It starts the sentence but prompts the audience to punctuate it

A good explainer will prompt the audience to action by sharing or, at best, visiting/buying a product/service. Music, voice over, appealing graphics play an important part here: they give the informative content the emotional touch it needs to make the viewer not only rationally accept the information, but even act upon it.

Sergio Guimaraes – Speaking of PR