About us

We are a communications and PR agency with a sound experience in strategic consulting, operational press and media relations work, crisis communications and reputation management, place branding, content and project management. We are proud to work with assignments and organisations which make strong societal contributions and have a strong sustainability focus. Guided by our core values, our flexible way of working and our resourceful strategies, we keep our eyes on what really matters: your organisation’s overarching goals.

Speaking of was founded in 2016 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. We work with governmental organisations, private companies and NGO’s at home and overseas.


Speaking of delivers effective and scalable communications solutions as means to help organisations achieve their strategic goals. The clients’ own context and the challenge at hand determine our work process.


Nothing beats being prepared and well-read. We’re proud of our experience but understand we don’t have all the answers in a fast-changing world. Even when just doing the best out of an unforeseen situation, research is indispensable. Knowledge acquired in a given project cannot remain with the communications consultant as we contribute to the learning organisation.


We are open for new collaborations, new possibilities and uncharted goals. Because our work processes are transparent, we earn the trust from our clients, partners and network. We look after our clients’ interests and consider it to be our duty to say what we mean and mean what we say.


Being business-smart, result-oriented and efficient is fully compatible with having an ethical compass. We don’t jump into any collaboration and remain loyal to the ones which contribute to a better world. Speaking of also has a pro bono programme, where we lend our skills to organisations who work towards a sustainable and equitable society.