Selection of cases

White Arkitekter

White Arkitekter was founded in 1951 and is an architectural firm with approximately 800 employees and projects in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Canada, the UK and East Africa. Speaking of has managed several projects, such as interim assignments, PR, project management and content production about their climate neutrality work.

Since 1945 the Swedish Institute (SI), a governmental agency in the portfolio of the country’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs, has the mission of promoting Brand Sweden overseas. Speaking of has assisted SI in interim assignments, media relations and strategic communications. We’re also procured for crisis and communications management.


The Sweden-based foundation Friends works for a future where no child or youngster will be subject to bullying or discrimination. By developing, spreading and using knowledge-based methods, Friends empowers adults to fight this phenomenon and promote civil courage. Speaking of has been appointed by Friends as strategic communications advisor.

International IDEA (International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance), an intergovernmental organisation with 28 member countries, focuses on elections, political parties, citizen participation, democracy development and conflict management. Speaking of has been advisor and devised training programmers for their staff worldwide in order to show thought-leadership and media debate in the topics that International IDEA works with.

As the European Medicines Agency was to be re-located from UK due to Brexit, Sweden has presented its bid to become the new host country of this EU regulatory agency. Behind the initiative #EMATOSWEDEN is a number of organisations led by the Government Offices of Sweden. Speaking of was appointed by Stockholm Science City Foundation to lead the strategy and implementation of the digital communications of Sweden’s bid.

The area was once the grounds of the Swedish national telecommunications company is being transformed into a new city district in Stockholm. With 2,000 apartments planned, Telestaden is being developed by Ikano Bostad and Rikshem. Speaking of manages the place branding work and external communications of the project. Our work with Telestaden includes media relations, content management as well as event and campaign management. 

E.ON produces and delivers energy to around one million clients in the Nordics. In Högbytorp, E.ON has built a recycling plant increasing by 50 percent the production of smart and sustainable energy in the Stockholm region.
Speaking of has been appointed with the task of project managing external communications.

BSK Arkitekter was founded over 50 years ago. With approximately 60 employees, the practice offers a range of architectural services from urban development to interior design. Speaking of were advisors helping them align their communications strategy and operations with their business goals.

Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Gotland is a NGO for adult learning with four offices. Their main goal is to strengthen democracy in Sweden through education and creating a culture of meetings and community. Speaking of has managed training programmes so the organisation could build its brand through stories that embody their values and identity.

Animation studio Soja uses infographics and animations to make the complex world easier to understand. Speaking of helped Soja with public relations at the launch of the film Top 3 – an animated romantic comedy about love, lists and finding out what’s important to one self.

Located near Lisbon, the city of Cascais has over
35,000 residents. An old fisher village – and a popular beach destination since the 1870’s -, the city is today a vibrant and attractive destination.
Speaking of were strategic brand advisors in an effort to gather investments.

HIV-Sverige‘s mission is to inform and influence decision-makers and citizens so as to fight discrimination and improve the lives of people affected by HIV. Speaking of conducted media training with the organisation’s representatives and assisted their management develop its strategic political programme.