Creating a new district in Stockholm through place branding

Client: Rikshem and Ikano Bostad

Assignment: external communications management

Place branding
Media relations
Project management campaigns and events
Content management for website, social media and content marketing

Our assignment involves establishing a modern and varied new urban district preserving cultural and historical heritage.

The area was once the grounds of the Swedish national telecommunications company “Televerket” (later “Telia”). With 2,000 apartments planned, Telestaden is one of southern Stockholm’s largest housing projects, being developed by Ikano Bostad and Rikshem. Telestaden is part of a larger urban development area with approximately 4,500 new homes.

Telestaden’s unique sound identity

The heritage from the Swedish telecommunications infrastructure brings associations with both interpersonal communications and sound. We have appointed sound artist Jonas Holmer to do field work capturing the sounds of everyday life and crafting a sonic identity where these sounds are part of an originally written melody, used in different channels. The sound identity is also a ringtone on iTunes under the name Telestaden. Revenue from downloads of the ringtone reverted, during a Christmas campaign, to an NGO working for social inclusion in Southern Stockholm.

PR and events

We have created content – including PR – in several occasions, from the consultation of residents during the planning permission process to cultural events.